At this point you should have the framework to create a solid plan to fund college for all your children.

But the job of paying for college is far from over.

In fact, this report is just a starting point.

The next step is to put this knowledge to use. A step that can be overwhelming and frustrating.

If you are like most families, this is your first time going through the “college process.”

There is a lot to learn and a lot to act on to make this process work successfully.  

 It is normal to have to an abundance of questions.

 Here are two options available for families in the college process. Let us look at each, along with at the pros and cons.

#1 Continue researching and learning how to maximize this process. Otherwise known as the “do it yourself method.”

Pros: There is little to no cost to search the internet, attend seminars, or check out books from your local library other sources on the topic.

Cons: It takes more time than you really have. You find yourself second guessing each decision you make.

#2 Hire a company or college consultant to help your family with the college funding process.

Pros: You can leverage an expert’s experience and track record of assisting families pay as little out of pocket as possible for college. It may save the children and parents undue stress, time and money.

Cons: Do it on your own and possibly waste time and money.

If you enjoy doing things on your own and have the time needed to meet the challenges with this endeavor, #1 is a good option.

If, you are uncomfortable with figuring everything out on your own and would like to work with a team of experienced experts, #2 is a good option.  

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