I regularly assist and speak with families in seminar settings with college bound kids and one of the questions I ask at the beginning of the talk is, “By a show of hands, how many here are interested in private scholarships?”

Nearly 100% of the people in attendance raise their hand.

And they should be interested. Who does not want free money?

But! The truth is private scholarships are a tiny percentage of the $183 billion dollars in aid given away each year. In fact, less than 2% of this enormous figure are for these types of scholarships.

It is not in your best interest to spend tons of time chasing and applying for these types of scholarships.

But do not ignore them totally.

Here is a great and free resource you can use to search for and apply for private scholarships.

It can be found at: www.fastweb.com.

This is a free resource. It only takes a few minutes to plug in your child’s information and submit. Once in the system, fastweb.com will alert you to any private scholarships available for application.

Pick 5 of the scholarships that have the most promise of your child being accepted and apply to those.  Remember, this is a small percentage of the available $183 billion. Focus your attention elsewhere.