Some schools are well-endowed and can award thousands of dollars in aid to students.

Other schools have little to give away.

It is important for you to know this information before you apply to a school.

Knowing, in advance, which schools give the best financial aid packages, will help your child choose the best school to receive maximum aid (money) from.

This will save you time and money! You can focus on the right college fit and afford it.

When researching a school’s ability to award money, 3 key figures are important:

1. Percentage of need met

2. Percentage of gift aid

3. Percentage of self help

A school that is high in percentage of need met, can award maximum dollars for your child’s education.

A school that awards a high percentage of aid as gifts. Simply put, is free money.               

Some schools will provide a high percentage of self-help money which are essentially favorable loans and work study programs.