Maximize Financial Aid

The Pay is a vital part of the financial aid and funding process.

Now that you have determined what the ‘right fit’ school is for your student and they’ve gotten into that school, you need to make sure that you can afford to pay for it! This is where we want to get as much funding as possible from the school for your specific situation.

Our task is to:

  • determine exactly which merit-based college scholarships your student will be eligible for
  • analyze if ‘need-based’ financial aid will be a factor in your college planning and if so, how much you’ll be eligible for.
  • coach and advise your family on all applicable strategies to keep your Expected Family Contribution and your overall out-of-pocket college costs as low as legally possible.
  • provide unlimited college financial aid award estimates for your family’s specific situation so you will know in advance what to expect from each school you’re considering.
  • provide complete peace of mind knowing that our Financial Aid Team of experts will complete all required financial aid forms for you (FAFSA completion is a free bonus for all our members)
  • coach your family on whether your award offer was fair or not (our expert Appeals Team evaluates and analyzes multiple variables to decide if an appeal should be made)
  • consult, coach and draft negotiation & appeal strategy for your family if an ‘unfair” offer was awarded.